_House #4 – 12th Ave: Old vs. New Design

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In our House #3 – Pasadena: Old vs. New Design post, I spoke to you about the two segments of design that Versutia_ focuses on: Aesthetic Design & Functional Design. When you see the floorplan drawings below for 12th Ave., you will notice that we were not really able to make a whole lot of functional improvements. The major functional improvement for this project involves opening up the kitchen walls and building out a kitchen island. This will result in more lighting to the entire communal area as well as greater interaction between the kitchen, dining, and living spaces.

5548 N. 12th Ave. – Old Floorplan

5548 N. 12th Ave. – New Floorplan

When the home is complete, you will see that a lot of the design component is geared more towards the aesthetics/contemporary design.


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