_House #3 – Pasadena: Old vs. New Design

Monday 04/18/11 time 1:19 pm - Jay Khor » 1 Comment

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing the Design component of our Versutia_Value Transformation. When we talk about Design, we are referring to two key components:

1. Functional Design – Versutia_ creatively modifies existing floorplans to dramatically increase space efficiency. As an example, you know from our virtual walkthrough that Pasadena currently only has 2 Bedrooms. In our new floorplan, amongst other additions, we will add a master bedroom with a nice sized closet. Refer to the pdf files below to see the before and after floorplan for the home on Pasadena (Please keep in mind that we are not architects by trade so our plans are not drawn to scale)

1310 W. Pasadena Ave. – Old Floorplan

1310 W. Pasadena Ave. – New Floorplan

2. Aesthetic Design – In our Central Phoenix projects, we will implement a contemporary design palette. This type of palette encompasses a clean, simple, open, and uncluttered look. Since we are in the process of construction for the home on Pasadena, I wanted to illustrate our aesthetic design through our Versutia_Value Transformation renderings. These renderings are a pretty accurate portrayal of what a finished home will look like.

Versutia – Value Transformation

We would love to hear your  thoughts so feel free to leave a comment below!


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